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Please donate here for a Night of Networking. You can donate anytime, as often as you like, and we will draw the cause on the third Tuesday of every month. Then join us the third Tuesday of every month on our

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Alone we can do a lot. Together, we cannot be stopped.

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45 minutes can change your business, change our community, change our world!

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Please download this information, and if you have any comments questions or concerns, call us at

(970) 909-0751, email us at

We would love your feedback to help us help others.

Introduction to the Program

Community Pay it Forward Fundraising Partner Introduction.

Come Together

We thrive to be the missing piece in a puzzle that will strengthen  our community by marketing our local merchants, athletes, and musicians, who share our goal of support, strength, and stability for people with emergency needs. With the help of our partners, we are able to assist children who are raising money for illness, church, and school, smaller 501c3 and non-profits, and veteran causes, by utilizing the Community Pay it Forward Fundraising Program. Community Cares is committed to creating a community identity by encouraging donations from the community, to the community.

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Community Pay it Forward Fundraising 

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