Brian Rice

Founder and Creator of 

LightWaves Infrared Heated Yoga Mats

(303) 523-8725

Fundraising Partner

"Nobody else does what I do so I am a loner in the wellness industry, I provide far infrared solutions to people and help them with wellness and healthy living."

Brian Rice

Founder/ Creator


I sell Far INfrared Flooring that kills bacteria, bugs and mold. I invented a far infrared heated Yoga mat that helps many people with pain management, blood flow and inflammation. I Trademarked a Megapulsemat that is Far Infrared and has a PEMF Function.

"I sold everything to keep this going as my products help people. My products are amazing and everyone loves them." And now, any purchase of a LightWaves Yoga Mat will result in the donation to the Community Pay it Forward Cause Partner of your choice. Just turn in your receipt to with the name of your cause 

Do you need help? Please download and complete an application. Once you finish filling out the application, find a time that works for you here, and lets get you the help you need.

1427 7th St.

Greeley CO, 80631

(970) 909-0751

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