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How to use the CommunityPIF Fundraising Program

What We Are: Think of a puzzle. When each piece is placed together you create a work of art. has created a puzzle to help others in the community and lend a helping hand and stability to people in the community who are going through a very difficult time due to an emergency situation. With our CommunityPIF (Pay it Forward,) Fundraising Program, we have found a way to bring together local community merchants, people who need assistance due to an emergency, and people who want to help. And the best thing about all of this is you donate to your favorite PIF Eligible Cause Partner in your own time and while you are performing everyday duties and/or tasks you need to do anyway. All you need to do is turn in your receipt to CommunityPIF. There are four ways to do this:

  • Text us a picture of your receipt to (970) 314-6517

  • You can upload the picture of your receipt by clicking onto the camera icon next to the cause.

  • Email us a picture of your invoice or receipt to with the Eligible Cause of your choice.

 Who We Help

  • Veterans and Families of Veterans: For their undaunting and unselfish service to our country we at will do everything we can do to help the service veterans of our country in their time of need.

  • Families in Emergency Situations: In life things happen. Injuries, accidents, layoffs, family deaths, and illnesses are a few examples of things that can put a terrible financial strain on families.

  • Children’s Fund Raising: If you have a child or teen in the family, you know how expensive their field trips have gotten. They no longer go to petting zoos, they go to Washington D.C. It can run into the thousands. Nobody wants their child to miss out on these opportunities.

  • 501c3 or Non-Profits: In addition to your activities that are already in place, join us and give your loyal volunteers and donors another option to help you continue with your great mission.

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