With the help of our community and their donations, we can be there when others are not!

· We are not a thrift store and will not charge for any life critical need

· Trusted by the public to make sure that their donations get where they are   needed.

· Events for fundraising and causes to improve the lives of our community, see the back for schedule of upcoming events.

· The Donation Dens will be open on Saturdays when the weather allows. Check Colorado Cares on Facebook for hours and details.

· 2 Donation Dens filled with clothing, housewares, school, supplies and more to assist families and our neighbors when they need our help.

· Donations Dens offered thanks to assistance from Audrey E Burbridge -- Reiki Master / Intuitive Healer ( 720) 771-6017, and An Affordable Storage off site storage, (970) 356-7090.

· Contact us for Music, Athletic, Literature representation, and how to add one of our partners to your next event.

We have an emergency and need your help! www.facebook.com/stephaniekay.felte needs our help for her and her 5 year old son who has special needs. Times are desperate. If you have the resources to help them with a home or even a place to stay while they work towards a new home, please call us today,    (970) 909-0751 or by email zak@communitypayitforward.us

Our new name for the Community Cares Facebook Group Page in order to help direct people who need emergency needs with people who have the solution to the problem.

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Add your event to the monthly calendar! Contact Community Pay it Forward for details,

(970) 909-0751

When life gets back to normal, this is where you will be able to download and print out your schedule of events. Keep with us for updates on Upcoming Events. Please call us today to share add your event to our calendar, weekly newsletter, and share your flyer here! $25 per month with a portion going to the cause of your choice!!

Justice Clayton

COO Community Cares OE&E

(970) 909-0751   justice.clayton@communitypayitforward.us

Zak Clayton


(970) 909-0751    zak@communitypayitforward.us

The Community Cares

Outreach, Event, & Entertainment Team

Music & Musicians

Sponsored By

Nathan Sanchez

Farmers Insurance

51 W 84th Ave. Ste 215

Thornton, CO 80260-4882

Authors and Books

Click here and attach your receipt Mike Baron will give a donation with the purchase of any Bad Moon Rising Series book to the Cause Partner of your choice. Purchase your books here!

Order Your Baxter book here for $15 and $3 will go to the Community Pay it Forward Cub Club

Fighters For Children

1427 7th St.

Greeley CO, 80631

(970) 909-0751

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