Community Cares Cub Club

Young Riker was forced into the world early due to dangerous digestive and stomach issues.

Our hero Riley succumbed to P.K.A.N. on 

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The Life & Times of Baxter the Bat Dog

Join Baxter for three heart warming stories of trials and triumph and the love of friends and family to promote healing in amazing way. Baxter has asked CommunityPIF to help tell his story, and help out others at the same time. Buy a copy of Baxter for $15 and CommunityPIF will donate to a local animal rescue group. In addition, a donation will be made to Community Cares Cub Club for our 5th annual Toy Drive for Northern Colorado Hospitals. Please visit Upcoming Events for the Upcoming Chili Cook-Off and Toy Drive December 15th at 11 AM at Key Largo Lounge. We would

then offer you a chance to help a sick child by signing your newly purchased book to a child who finds themselves in a scary hospital bed order your book by calling (970) 714-0490, or order it from our shop

Children Raising Money for School or Church 

Single mom with three girls needing a little assistance for cheerleading and sports camps.

You Will Never Know

A Tribute to Riley and the Heasley Family

Community Pay it Forward Fundraising Program

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