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Money can’t buy everything, but it can empower you to reach your most cherished goals. That’s why you work so hard to save and invest.  However, if you’re like most people, though, conventional financial wisdom has left you disappointed. You can get crushed by setbacks, feel hopelessly behind, or just get plain frustrated with the glacial slow growth of your nest egg.

Those nagging doubts and hurt feelings are justified because higher returns are possible, and every day you pass them up takes you further from living your dream. Financial experts and the wealthy clients who hire them don’t settle for 5% a year while crossing their fingers that another crisis doesn’t wipe them out…and you shouldn’t either. Getting double-digit returns with limited risk doesn’t take piles of cash







Call on Anita for human and animal therapy sessions, demonstrations, and sales. With every sale of a device, a portion will go to helping Community Pay it Forward Fundraising offer treatments to people who need emergency therapy.

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Brendan Morrison

(720) 819-7787


3200 Cherry Creek South Drive
Denver, CO, 80209

"My time in the military as a leader and organizer taught me the importance

of planning and having the right tools to do the job. So, I partnered with

New York Life a company founded in 1845, that now boasts the highest  possible ratings in financial stability as of September 2019 and some of the most innovative financial products available. I believe that with the right financial tools and a solid plan I can help people achieve their financial goals and help communities thrive."

"I am a Financial Services Professional based in Denver Colorado. I primarily serve the great states of Colorado and Alaska but I am happy to help with people throughout the country. I love guiding people on a path to achieve their financial goals and would be thrilled to work with you!"

Using a holistic approach to address short-term needs as well as long-term goals. He is not one to offer a simple solution then quickly move on to another client. Brendan knows financial planning is a continuous commitment and dedicates time each year for an annual review with each of his clients to make necessary adjustments as unforeseen events arise in life. As a local agent, He is always available and invites you to reach out to him and makes the promise that he will never simply pass you on to a 1-800 number. "On top of all that I am confident I stand out as having the best beard in the financial industry."

Brendan is proud to offer all Community Pay it Forward Family Members A Free Life Insurance Check-Up Call him today at (720) 819-7787

No matter the service or product, search the Community Pay it Forward Fundraising Family First. Donate because of where you choose to shop. Would you like to join our team, contact us at networking@communitypayitforward.us

1427 7th St.

Greeley CO, 80631

(970) 909-0751

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