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Hero, warrior, Riley Heasley lost his battle to PKAN on July 16, 2019. Pantothenate kinase-associated neurodegeneration (PKAN) is a rare neurologic disease that affects both children and adults. People with PKAN lack a chemical necessary to metabolize a vitamin in the brain. Without normal levels of this metabolite, part of the brain degenerates, causing severe problems with walking, coordination, vision, speech and swallowing. The illness is particularly cruel in childhood, when uncontrollable twisting movements can be extreme, causing pain and even bone fractures. Awareness is not affected, making the suffering imposed by the disease especially poignant. Many children with PKAN die before the age of 10. Riley was coming up on his 11th birthday.

Community Pay it Forward is honored by the Heasley Family for them allowing us to continue to assist them raising money in Rileys name. Erin and Janis trust in Spoonbill. And Spoonbill is making strides. We ask you to consider uploading your receipt to their cause, in memory of Riley and all the children who have fought this awful affliction, and given their lives to teach the doctors how to cure others so their lives can be saved. 

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Do you need help? Please download and complete an application. Once you finish filling out the application, find a time that works for you here, and lets get you the help you need.

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